Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Total Vein Care Staff attend IVC Meeting in Miami

 Betty Wilkins, Dr. Tom Greenlee, and Amy Blackford
The International Vein Congress meeting in Miami, Florida recently celebrated the 10th year of gathering physicians from around the country and the world  to learn the newest treatments for venous disorders. Total Vein Care staff have traveled to Miami for this meeting for the last four years. We consider this meeting to be essential in bringing  the latest information on the treatment of superficial and deep vein disease back to our practice in Lexington.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Men Have Varicose Veins? Who Knew?

Male patient, before EVLT
Same patient, following outpatient EVLT
The majority of our laser surgery vein patients are women. The risk factors for varicose veins are being female, pregnancy and family genetics, so it makes sense that men are at less of a risk for this painful and disfiguring condition. Many men don't realize that there is a treatment for this issue, and they often suffer needlessly. 
The patient photos above show the dramatic difference men can expect following this outpatient procedure. Left untreated, these veins would have continued to make standing painful, and may have eventually resulted in venous ulcers.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

When one leg is worse than the other, treatment is an option

Our EVLT ablation system is the perfect treatment for type of vein problem seen in the photo on the right. Patients sometimes have one problematic leg, while the opposite limb is normal.
The physical discomfort and cosmetic issues that arise from this scenario are treated in our day surgery unit at Total Vein Care. Treatment allowed this patient the freedom to get back into shorts for the spring season.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Elizabeth sets high standards in our ultrasound lab

Elizabeth Mortara, Total Vein Care Vascular Lab Director

Total Vein Care is fortunate to have talented and dedicated staff. Elizabeth has worked for us for many years, and has done thousands of vascular studies for our surgeons. 
Elizabeth attended the International Vein Conference in Miami, Florida this past May, where she was updated on the newest information available in her field.